6 Things To Consider When Carrying Out Building Work To Your Home

homeowner services

Extending your home is probably something that you’ll only do once in your lifetime. Ultimately, you want to make sure that you can build the size of extension that you want, within your budget. Being aware of potential pitfalls and additional costs at the beginning of the process will help you make informed decisions. We’ve […]

3 Little Structural Design “Hacks” That Will Save You £1,000’s!

structural hacks that will save you £1,000

As structural engineers we can’t tell you how frustrating it is when we are brought into a project at the later stages. Often the Client is happy with the design. Planning approval has either just been submitted, or has been approved. We submit our structural design fee. Sharp intake of breath … it’s far more […]

7 Occasions When You’ll Need A Structural Engineer

when you'll need a structural engineer

Most people understand what an architect does. Did you know that on 95% of residential building projects you will also need advice from a structural engineer? So what does a structural engineer do? Structural engineers make sure that buildings are structurally sound and won’t fall down! 7 Occasions When You’ll Need A Structural Engineer When […]

Expert Witness – Structural Engineer

expert witness structural engineer

John, can you tell me about your role as an expert witness structural engineer, what type of disputes do you get asked to help with? In my role as an expert witness, I am appointed to provide an impartial opinion on technical cases within my area of expertise – normally disputes arising from defective structural […]

ISO 9001 Audit Passed For The 14th Year Running!

quality assurance ISO9001

We are delighted to announce that we have successfully passed the external audit for ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard for the fourteenth year in a row! This accreditation acknowledges our commitment to continually improving our business processes, data security and working environment. We are extremely pleased to be recognised for our continued efforts to […]

Engineering Support for Architects

engineering for small architects

Today I’m talking to Carly Barrow, Director at Greenway Barrow Architects. Carly talks about how collaborating with Michael Aubrey Partnership has saved her time delivered better designs, all whilst reducing her client’s costs Background Before collaborating with Michael Aubrey Partnership, we’d work on our own and go through the whole of the initial design process,; […]

Screw Pile Design

screw piles ABC anchors

Are you looking for a fast, efficient method to install foundations near trees? More and more we are being asked to design screw piles in root protection areas, sites where access is difficult and temporary structures. Today I’m talking to John Staves, our Managing Director about why screw piles are an alternative to trench fill […]

Need Structural Advice? We’re Still Here!

need structural advice

January 2021 This is a short update to let you know that we are still here and available to respond to any of your construction issues. For home meetings, site surveys, and inspections we are continuing as normal, as we are unable to carry out these from home – obviously following all the current government […]

Link Visiting Scheme Wokingham

link visiting wokingham

The Link Visiting Scheme helps over 450 chronically lonely and socially isolated older people living in Wokingham Borough. Many rarely have visitors and their situation has worsened over lockdown. Some of their stories are heart breaking. “Some days I am so down I sometimes wish I was not here” “The world at this time is […]

Certificate of Structural Adequacy?

certificate of structural adequacy

What is a Certificate of Structural Adequacy? A Certificate of Structural Adequacy is issued if you have had work completed on your property, typically where you have had subsidence, heave, or landslip. It can also be issued by an independent Chartered Structural Engineer to provide reassurance to the building owner that what has been built, […]

Refer A Friend

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Referral Scheme We are pleased to announce that we are introducing a referral scheme for existing customers introducing new customers to Michael Aubrey Partnership. As you may have read in our customer testimonials a great many of our customers have experienced our excellent service, delivered in a timely manner. Delighted Customers With more and more […]