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Operating across the UK, we offer strategic advice to assist the Fire Authority and the Police Service to maximise the value and performance of your property portfolios. 

With a combined 47 yrs experience in the Telecoms site management sector, we will professionally manage every aspect of your telecoms site management requirements.

90% of our customers have been working with us for 15 years or longer – all clearly appreciating our commitment to looking after their interests and securing the best possible deals.

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Poacher Turned Game Keeper

Now working exclusively with Fire Authority and the Police Service, you benefit from our expert knowledge, gained historically from having worked with the majority of mobile Operators across the UK.

We know how the Operators work, what they require.

We use this specialist knowledge when negotiating the Site Sharing Licences (SSL) on your behalf across all mobile operators.

Services We Offer

Lease Negotiation
Lease Negotiations
Uplift Negotiations
Uplift Negotiations
Rent Collections
Rent Collections
Rf Audits
RF Audits
Site Access
Site Access

Here are just a few Clients who are already under our management;

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue
north Wales Police
North Wales Fire and Rescue
Norfolk Fire and Rescue
Leicestershire Fire and Rescue
Derbyshire Fire and Rescue

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