The Building Safety Act – What Have We Learned So Far?

Building safety act

On Tuesday 21 May 2024 the Institution of Structural Engineers are hosting an interactive panel discussion on the Building Safety Act in practice – John Staves our Managing Director will be speaking at this event. Here are the details:- April 2024 marks two years since the Building Safety Act established a new and enhanced regulatory […]

Removing A Loadbearing Wall – 4 Ways To Avoid Collapse!!

removing a wall

A recent report by CROSS- UK (Collaborative Reporting for Safer Structures) identified a potential disaster due to inadequate structural design. The Design “The design showed four steel beams, steel columns, some lintels, and new foundations. It did not show how applied loads had been calculated and did not allow for any wind loadings. No calculations […]

National Self Build and Renovation Centre


National Self Build and Renovation Centre (NSBRC) have you visited yet? Tucked away in Swindon, just off Junction 16 of the M4, the NSBRC offers a wealth of practical knowledge for self-builders and renovators alike. The centre boasts an impressive array of exhibits, showcasing everything from innovative building materials to eco-friendly technologies. What sets it […]

Understanding the Role of Structural Calculations in Construction

structural calculations sheet

In the construction industry, precision and clarity are vital. However, a concerning trend has emerged where some contractors are using structural calculations as reference for ordering steels, overlooking crucial practical considerations. It’s essential to address this misconception and highlight the true purpose of structural calculations in the construction process. Structural Calculations Serve A Specific function: […]

RIBA Stage 4: Technical Design – What’s the Rush?

RIBA Technical design

RIBA Stage 4: Technical Design – What’s the Rush? As structural engineers, we understand the eagerness to proceed directly to the technical design phase. However, it’s vital to prioritise completing phases 1-3 of the RIBA plan of work for several key reasons. Summary While it may be tempting to jump straight into technical design, completing […]

Meet Hannah: A Rising Star in Architecture!

hannah barnard

Meet Hannah, our newest addition to the team who joined us in early February 2024. She brings with her a wealth of experience and a passion for architecture that shines through in her work. Her journey into architecture began with a fascination for the end process and results of architectural projects. With a focus mainly […]

Critical Fire Safety: The Significance of Structural Engineer Fire Escape Inspections under BS 8210:2020

external fire escape

BS 8210:2020 Facilities Maintenance Management Fire safety is a paramount concern for any building, and having a robust fire escape plan in place is crucial for the protection of occupants and assets. While many aspects of fire safety are well-known and widely practiced, the importance of regular fire escape inspections conducted by qualified structural engineers, […]

Why Chartered Structural Engineers Thrive in Small Practices

structural engineers in small practice

Becoming a chartered structural engineer marks a significant milestone in your professional journey. Following your degree and after years of dedication and hard work you have finally become Chartered – huge congratulations! With this opportunity comes a wide range of opportunities, including the choice between working for a small or a large company. Each option […]

Julie and Olivia join the team!

Julie and olivia

Julie joined the team in June 2023 and comes with strong organisational skills and a customer service background. Before joining us Julie worked for the NHS through the GP surgery side of things, dealing with patients and clinical staff. She managed a team of fifteen and dealt with patients through COVID. Julie is a real […]

Signs Of Subsidence – What Are They?


Today I’m talking to John Staves, Chartered Structural Engineer about the increasing number of insurance claims for subsidence. 2023 saw a dramatic rise in the cases of subsidence as the UK experienced recording breaking dry weather. John, What Has Been Your Experience of Subsidence? Since mid 2023 enquiries in our office relating to “cracks in […]

Changing Lives Through Friendship – Link Visiting

Introduction At Michael Aubrey Partnership we believe in the power of community and the positive impact that simple acts of kindness can have on individuals’ lives. Link Visiting is a remarkable organisation dedicated to fostering connections and providing support to those who may be feeling isolated or lonely. So this year instead of sending the […]

Structural Engineers Declare: A Call to Action for a Sustainable Future

structural engineers declare

Today John Staves, our Managing Director attended the Institution of Structural Engineers “Engineers Declare” summit in London. Climate change and its impact on the construction industry have been recognised for some time. Recently, the UK government announced a groundbreaking move to legislate a Net Zero Carbon target, ringing the alarm bells for all involved in […]