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The Buiding Safety Act for Homeowners

The Building Safety Act is part of the building safety legislation produced in the wake [...]

The Building Safety Act – What Have We Learned So Far?

On Tuesday 21 May 2024 the Institution of Structural Engineers are hosting an interactive panel [...]

Removing A Loadbearing Wall – 4 Ways To Avoid Collapse!!

A recent report by CROSS- UK (Collaborative Reporting for Safer Structures) identified a potential disaster [...]

National Self Build and Renovation Centre

National Self Build and Renovation Centre (NSBRC) have you visited yet? Tucked away in Swindon, [...]

Understanding the Role of Structural Calculations in Construction

In the construction industry, precision and clarity are vital. However, a concerning trend has emerged [...]

RIBA Stage 4: Technical Design – What’s the Rush?

RIBA Stage 4: Technical Design – What’s the Rush? As structural engineers, we understand the [...]

Meet Hannah: A Rising Star in Architecture!

Meet Hannah, our newest addition to the team who joined us in early February 2024. [...]

Critical Fire Safety: The Significance of Structural Engineer Fire Escape Inspections under BS 8210:2020

BS 8210:2020 Facilities Maintenance Management Fire safety is a paramount concern for any building, and [...]

Why Chartered Structural Engineers Thrive in Small Practices

Becoming a chartered structural engineer marks a significant milestone in your professional journey. Following your [...]

Julie and Olivia join the team!

Julie joined the team in June 2023 and comes with strong organisational skills and a [...]

Signs Of Subsidence – What Are They?

Today I’m talking to John Staves, Chartered Structural Engineer about the increasing number of insurance [...]

Changing Lives Through Friendship – Link Visiting

Introduction At Michael Aubrey Partnership we believe in the power of community and the positive [...]