Telecoms Lease Negotiations

Using our specialist knowledge of the telecoms sector we act on behalf of Fire and Police Services to maximise the income on your sites.

Whether you have single operators or multi-operators on your sites, we assist you to negotiate the site sharing licence (SSL) agreements, leaving your employees free to concentrate their time on your core business.

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Why Work With Us?

  • We are independent from the mobile operators – you will receive expert, unbiased advice
  • Specialist knowledge of the Telecoms market, built up over 25yrs. We know how hard the mobile operators negotiate licences and what they are trying to achieve
  • Your own dedicated site specific SSL. We are strong negotiators – focused on obtaining the best value for you
  • We understand the complexities of the Telecoms leases and licences contracts
  • Good communication throughout the process. You are kept informed of progress throughout the negotiation process. The final decision is always yours – you decide whether or not you allow your site to be utilised by the mobile operators.
  • Simplicity – You have one single point of contact for all your Telecoms Site Management requirements

Would you like us to help you with your lease negotiations? 

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