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Welcome to Megan!

Megan joined our team on the 20 March 2023 after leaving her job in retail. [...]

Engineering Support for Architects

Today I’m talking to Carly Barrow, Director at Greenway Barrow Architects. Carly talks about how [...]

I Do More Than Design Beams!

I Do More Than Design Beams! In July’s edition of Construction and Civil Engineering Magazine, [...]

Spotlight on Becoming A Chartered Structural Engineer …

Today I’m talking to Oliver Goodyear.. Ollie has been part of the team here at [...]

BIM Conference 2017 – The Institution of Structural Engineers

We are thrilled to announce that our Managing Director, John Staves will be chairing The [...]

Can Architects and Engineers Work Together?

Returning from a very busy week on the “Ask an Expert” panel at Grand Designs [...]