5 Ways to Create A Home Office

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How Has Lockdown Been For You?

Most people we have spoken to have continued working during lockdown, albeit from home, with a few commenting about the difficulties of trying to work from home without a dedicated home office area.

FACT: Open Plan Isn’t Great When You’re Trying To Work From Home!

Ironically over the past two or three years we have been inundated with requests for wall removals – homeowners wanting to create large open plan kitchen/living areas for the whole family to enjoy.

With lockdown, this open space for us all to enjoy has been quietly sending everyone crazy!

Housebound, frazzled parents trying to home school children, whilst working at the same time; no where to go other than bedrooms, or spaces that aren’t suitable for working.

What’s Going to Happen in Six Months Time?

We have absolutely no idea.

But we’d like to hope that life will return to some sort of “normality” (whatever that is).

One thing that I think will change is how we balance our home and work lives and having a dedicated space so that you can work from home (uninterrupted) will play a large part in that.

Getting Your Home Ready – What Are Your Options?

Sometimes, moving internal walls around in your home will be sufficient to give you the space you need, other options to create a home office could be;

  1. converting your garage
  2. creating a room over your garage
  3. a loft conversion
  4. an extension, or to keep the space separate,
  5. a garden office room
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What’s the Cheapest Option?

If you have the space, moving internal walls to create a home office area will be the most cost effective, although you would need to check if the walls are loadbearing.

What Permissions Would I Need for a Garage Conversion or Extension?

If you are converting your garage, or extending your property, you may require planning permission (this would depend on the size and location) you would also require Building Regulations Approval.

How Long Does it Take To Get The Drawings and Permissions?

Generally, for most small to medium extensions we would allow approximately three to six months before you are ready to start on site. That is to have approved drawings and a builder appointed.

Depending on the scale of what you are building, three to six months to finish the build.

Do I Need Planning Permission For A Garden Office?

There are many complex planning rules around building in your garden, but if you stay within these parameters you shouldn’t require planning permission;

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For more detailed guidance, click here

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Home Office

How Can We Help You?

Our qualified designers can talk you through your options and answer any questions that you have.

We offer unbiased advice.

Exploring all design options, from moving internal walls improving your existing space, through to installing a brand-new garden office!

Whatever your budget we can provide the advice you need.

Why Is Now A Good Time to Start A Building Project?

Planning and Building Control are relatively quiet at the moment, but good local builders are getting booked up.

Do your research, vetting your shortlist of your design team; architectural designers, structural engineers and builders.

You’ll need to act now if you are wanting to finish your project ready for summer 2021.

Moving Things Forward

If you are serious about working from home and separating your work life from your home life, please get in touch so we can talk through your options.

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