How To Sell A Property Quickly!

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Do you know a fast way for buyers to realise the potential of a property?

Encourage them to take advantage of our “Pre-Purchase Feasibility” Meeting – so they can make an offer!

Where Are All the Buyers?

The latest Survey from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) shows average stock levels on estate agents’ books are close to a record low.

With the number of enquiries from buyers falling for the eighth month in a row (as at May 2019).

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Brexit Uncertainty

It will not come as a surprise that Brexit uncertainty is dragging the UK property market downwards.

Those houses that are on the market are not selling particularly fast. The average time taken for a residential property to sell remains unchanged at 19 weeks.

How Can Local Estate Agents Sell A Property Quickly?

Last year “Which?” produced a report;

“7 of the most common reasons why vendors struggle to sell their homes”

Lurking at Number 7 was this reason; “Buyers aren’t aware of the property’s potential”

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Add Value To The Property

If there’s potential for a buyer to add value to the house, make sure they know about it!

As Architectural Designers AND Chartered Structural Engineers we can help your buyers visualise what a property could look like and explore ideas to maximise the property’s value.

They might have ideas to;

  • Convert the garage to living space
  • Extend the kitchen with a side or rear extension
  • Swap in New Bathrooms
  • Create an Open plan living space
  • Loft conversion to add a bedroom
  • Create a cellar
  • Split a house into flats
  • Increase living space with a conservatory
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Whatever their ideas, we can help them visualise how to best use the space.

What Does A Pre- Purchase Feasibility Meeting Include?

Our Designers will arrange to meet you and the potential buyers at the property.

We will discuss how to maximise the property’s potential, whether they want to knock down a couple of walls, or completely re-design the new home, we’ll advise them how to create the perfect space for their family.

With our 25 + years of experience of construction design, they will receive expert, unbiased advice.

  • We will discuss any Planning matters that we think may impact the design and which ideas are more likely to achieve Planning Approval.
  • Cost of the works – we will be able to talk in “ball park” figures – enough for them to make an informed decision about their offer
  • We will also touch on other issues that they may not have thought about, that may impact their budget and influence what offer they make on the property.
  • We will write to them confirming what we have discussed, confirming their ideas, the solution, budget costs and
  • We also provide them with a “fee proposal” which will confirm how much we will charge for taking their ideas forward to obtain Planning Approval and Building Regulations approval if they successfully purchase the property.

Fast Track Service – 24 hours

We realise time is of the essence when they are considering making an offer, or are about to exchange on a property, so we will do our best to schedule an appointment within 24 hours of their enquiry.

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