Impact of the Comms Code on Property Owners

comms code

The Electronic Communications Code (the Comms Code) is a set of rights that are designed to make it easier for network operators to facilitate the installation and maintenance of electronic communications networks across the UK.

What Is The New Telecoms Code (Comms Code)?

The Code provides for telecoms operators who are granted rights under the Code, to install and operate telecommunications apparatus such as telecoms masts and fibre optic cables, on land and buildings.

Who Does The New Comms Code Affect?

Property owners who have leases (licences) with mobile operators to install and operate telecoms equipment on their land and rooftops.

How Will The New Telecoms Code Affect UK Property Owners’ Rental Incomes?

When current leases expire the negotiating position taken by operators with code rights is simple; take our very low offer or we will go to tribunal and the valuation rules set out will derive an even lower ‘rent’.

What Do Code Powers Allow

Operators To Do?

New rights make it easier for telecommunications operators to deploy and maintain their infrastructure and it gives them new automatic rights to upgrade and share apparatus.

In summary, the new code will allow the operators to

  1. force a reduction in rental income, as the change in the basis of valuation, will move to a “no scheme” rule reflecting the underlying value of the land.
  2. Operators will be allowed to install telecoms equipment on, under or over land and
  3. gain access to the land to inspect and maintain the equipment.

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comms code

What’s Happening In The Market At The Moment?

Where leases are coming up for renewal, operators and landlords aren’t able to agree terms which is leading to stagnation in the marketplace.

Up to a 95% Loss of Income for Property Owners

Property owners are seeing mobile operators offering significantly lower rents than have been previously agreed and the Code has been written to allow operators to force their way onto sites they need at negligible cost.

We are currently managing sites across the UK for numerous “blue light” organisations, Police and Fire Authorities.

Typically where leases have come up for renewal, we are seeing offers of £500 per annum where previous rents passing were £5k, £10k even £15k per annum!

How Can Property Owners Protect Their Rental Incomes?

Our business model allows us to offer substantially more than code valuations, by adopting a fairer position between operator and landowner.

Extended rights allow sub-letting/sharing and upgrading of sites for no additional payment to you as the landowner. 

Our model addresses this. Click here to read more.

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