Telecoms Site Owners

Existing Telecoms Equipment on Your Land or Buildings

Do you have longstanding leases or licences with telecommunications operators to put equipment on your land or buildings?

Have you been approached by an operator wanting to do this?

Or are your current agreements up for renewal, and you have been shocked by the low renewal offer?

Either way …

We can help you maintain levels of income so you can continue to provide services to the communities you serve

comms code

The New Electronic Communications Code (the Code)

The Code allows for the mobile operators to use “Code Powers” to access sites and demand substantially lower rents at renewal – in some cases 95% lower rents and in one case 97.2% reduction!

Click here to find out what Code Powers allow operators to do.

In Summary – Comms Code, New Rights

New rights make it easier for telecommunications operators to deploy and maintain their infrastructure and it gives them new rights to upgrade and share sites/apparatus without the need to pay you, the site owner, additional consideration or compensation.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Revenue Stream?

We will work with you to drive a fairer position between operator and landowner – our business model allows us to offer substantially more consideration and compensation than code valuations.

Why Use Us?

We are a Wireless Infrastructure Provider with over 30 years Telecoms site management experience.  Firstly, rolling out networks, but over the last 15 years working exclusively with site owners. 

We have been awarded Code Powers by Ofcom to develop and extend an independent network of sites for use by multiple network operators. 

telecoms offer

Why Work With Us?

telecoms health and safety

Health & Safety

Health & Safety management of the sites included, because we know that this is of great concern as a site owner.

telecoms calendar

365 days / 24 hrs / 7 days a week

Site access management included, so you know who is visiting your sites and when. And if planned works are higher risk, such as installation works at height, we provide supervision.

telecoms increase revenue

Drive Up Revenues

We will market your sites adding sharers to drive total revenues.

Passive Income

And we will manage the whole process, so you can just sit back and collect passive income from your property holdings.

Case Study

We specialise in working with public organisations and more specifically, Fire/Police. 

Working with one such Authority, which was in the unfortunate position of having multiple sites up for renewal, we have successfully maintained revenue at £54,500 in the face of renewal offers totalling £5,000!

Saving our clients £49,500!

Next Steps

Would you like to talk to us to find out how we can help you maintain your existing rent levels?

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