John Staves Meets Steve Wozniak

Humble, inspiring and focused” are the three words that John Staves used to describe Steve Wozniak the Co-Founder of Apple at the ICC Birmingham this weekend.

Steve was talking to business owners about how he started Apple computers with Steve Jobs and the lessons that he had learned along the way.

Steve Wozniak







Here are a few of Steve’s best bits;

  • Steve was a bit of a nerd who loved to play tricks on people
  • Steve Jobs introduced him to Bob Dylan “he writes about the things that matter in life
  • Happiness = smiles minus frowns .. it’s better not to have the frowns
  • If you ever stumble across an opportunity, take it
  • Always try to have friends and be nice
  • Hire smart people and trust them
  • Be willing to move out of your comfort zone
  • You never take steps backwards in life, you are always moving forwards
  • Engineers create the things that make life easier – we like that one 🙂

Steve went on to describe how, in his garage he spent hours, days and months assembling circuit boards always striving to make them better “ when you want to build something for yourself you want to make it perfectly”.

 Are you a building owner? Are you looking to build something? If you want to make it “perfectly” a good place to start would be to assemble a “BIM” team.

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