The Biggest Lie In “Extension Design” During Covid-19?

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Is that the project that you have been thinking about for months has to go on hold, whilst you wait until the end of lockdown .. grrr!

I’m not going to lie, but when we first entered lockdown on 23 March I (naively) thought that we’d be returning to some sort of normality by now.

As the weeks have ticked by, it has become clear that this is not going to happen any time soon.

We have continued to work throughout, embracing new ways of working. Some customers have decided to put their projects on hold indefinitely, while others have been keen to take advantage of this quiet time and its full steam ahead!

Case Study; Garage Conversion and Wall Removal

In the early stages of COVID-19 lockdown we were approached by a homeowner who was keen to go ahead with a garage conversion and a wall removal.

At the time, visiting their property was not an option, so we suggested a different way of working.

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Like everyone, the homeowners were in lockdown so they weren’t going anywhere soon and they were keen to be part of the survey and design process.

Although it was daunting initially, with our support we were able to work together and gather the information required for us to carry out the design.

Information We Required

  • Ground floor layout – we managed to obtain this on line from when he bought the house
  • We marked up the plan with the dimensions that we would need
  • The homeowner was able to take the dimensions and relevant photographs
  • We suggested he did a video walkthrough of the area that was going to be affected

Initial plans were then drawn up from the information provided.

extension design during covid-19

I’ll be honest, there was a bit of toing and froing it wasn’t a one hit “here’s the information” and then let’s get the design out. We got the bulk of the information in one go then went back through the loop a few times.

Using Microsoft Teams we were able to review the drawings on screen and identify potential problem areas where we needed more information – we had good conversations using the technology, without having to meet face to face.

It does takes time, but it can be done without increasing the risk of COVID-19 for either our Clients or for us attending site.

Even though we can now attend properties, this is now a proven method for us to help homeowners move their projects forward without having to meet in person.

Are you thinking of a house project, but have concerns about inviting surveyors into your home?

Please get in touch to see how we could work together.

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