Changing Lives Through Friendship – Link Visiting


At Michael Aubrey Partnership we believe in the power of community and the positive impact that simple acts of kindness can have on individuals’ lives.

Link Visiting is a remarkable organisation dedicated to fostering connections and providing support to those who may be feeling isolated or lonely.

So this year instead of sending the usual Christmas cards and corporate gifts we are supporting Link Visiting and their Christmas Appeal.

About Link Visiting

Link Visiting is a non-profit organisation committed to combating loneliness and social isolation within communities. Their mission revolves around creating meaningful connections by pairing volunteers with individuals in need of companionship and support.

Through regular visits, phone calls, and various activities, Link Visiting aims to improve the well-being and mental health of those who may be experiencing feelings of isolation.

link visiting

Christmas Appeal

For many, Christmas Day is a day for family, for getting together and celebrating with loved ones. Sadly, however, for some people without family or close friends, it is the loneliest day of the year.

Christmas 2023

A time when isolation, loss and grief are even more keenly felt. For the 12th year running, Link are planning to bring festive cheer to those who are alone and who would love some extra company.

This includes having a friend to talk to, a delicious meal on the day plus a gift of treats.

How The Funding Will Be Spent

Funding is urgently needed to allow them to run a comprehensive, and varied, programme of events throughout the Christmas period.

They also want to ensure that all their Link Friends receive a gift from Link as it may be the only one they are given.

They rely heavily on donations to support those in our community who need us most. With your help we can bring some festive cheer to many older people who would otherwise be facing the season alone and then carry on our vital support throughout the Winter months!

Could You Help?

£5 £15 £35

£ 5 will mean that a Link Friend receives a thoughtful Christmas gift in the post

£15 will enable a Link Friend to have fun at a Christmas activity

£35 will give the joy of a Christmas Lunch, with a gift, to someone who would otherwise be on their own

To read more, or donate now, please click here