Falling Revenues Under the Comms Code?

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Falling Revenues As The Impact of the Comms Code Bites

If you own or manage a property portfolio that includes telecommunications tenants you must be having sleepless nights worrying about the loss of revenue.

What’s Changed?

The New Electronic Communications Code (the “Comms Code”) allows for the mobile operators to use “Code Powers” to access sites and demand substantially lower rents at renewal – in some cases 95% lower rents and in one case 97.2% reduction.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Revenue Stream?

We work with property owners to drive a fairer position between operator and landowner.Our business model allows us to offer substantially more consideration and compensation than code valuations.

Telecoms falling revenues

Recent Case Study

Working with one Public Body, with multiple sites up for renewal, we have successfully maintained revenue at £54,500 in the face of a renewal offer of £5,000!

Who Are Michael Aubrey Telecoms*?

We are a Wireless Infrastructure Provider with 30 years industry experience, firstly rolling out networks, over the last 20 years working exclusively for site owners. 


We have been awarded code powers by Ofcom to develop and extend an independent network of sites for use by multiple network operators. 

Who Do We Work With?

We work exclusively for Local Authorities and Blue light organisations such as the Fire and Police service.

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue
Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue
Norfolk Fire and Rescue
Leicestershire Fire and Rescue

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* Michael Aubrey Telecoms is a brand name of Michael Aubrey Partnership