Our Planning Guarantee

planning guarantee

Planning Guarantee

Today I am talking to Jamie Redman, Architectural Manager, about our “Planning Guarantee”.

planning guarantee

No One Can Guarantee Planning – Isn’t It Just A Gimmick?

“The reason that we are offering this guarantee is that we are confident that the advice that we give will result in a successful Planning approval.

It’s because we have an outstanding record, built up over 20yrs + that we know what should go through planning so feel confident to be able to offer you this Guarantee.”

What Is The Planning Guarantee?

“We will submit your Planning application to the Local Planning Authority and if your application is refused, we will refund* you;

·         All of our Design Fees PLUS

·         The Local Authority Planning Fee

(Provided that you have followed our advice).”

What Happens If My Planning Application is Rejected?

“Occasionally Planning applications have been rejected, we are still confident we know what’s right and will take your Planning application to appeal – no extra cost to you”.

How Many Planning Applications Have You Lost at Appeal?

“In situations where Planning Applications have been rejected and we have gone to appeal, we have won 99% of them (where people have followed our advice)”.

We Won’t Just Walk Away

“We are not there just to grab money from our customers with no way forward.

If you instruct us and Planning fails, we won’t just walk away. We’ll be with you, to advise you openly and honestly”.

Is It worth Paying For A Pre-Application Consultation?

“We do not advise this. You might as well put in a full Planning application where the Planning officers have to stand by their comments.

Three main reasons for not paying for a pre-application consultation;

1.The cost is very similar to a full Planning Application

2. The Planning officer does not have to stand by the advice that they give

3. There are no limits on how long a pre-application response can take.”

Do you charge any additional fees for travel / attending meetings etc?

“No extra fees. What we quote for is what you pay (unless you amend the design significantly)”.

What Next?

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*Planning Guarantee – Terms & Conditions. We reserve the right to withdraw our Planning Guarantee if you amend the design beyond what we believe is reasonable (i.e to what we advise won’t achieve Planning permission). Sometimes, your Planning application won’t be approved first time. We reserve the right to either submit an amended application or take your application to appeal. You will not be charged any extra for this. If your appeal is lost, we will refund all your Planning Fees AND our Design Fees in full. All communication with the Planners must come through Michael Aubrey, acting as your agent.