Fire Escape Structural Inspections

Fire Escape Inspections

When was the last time that you carried out a structural inspection of your drill towers and external fire escapes? Hopefully it was within the last three years.

As a property owner you have a health & safety obligation to maintain drill towers and external fire escapes in a reasonable way so that they do not cause injury to anybody using them.

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Ammunition Store Appraisals (ESTC Standard No 6)

Ammunition Store Appraisals (ESTC Standard No 6)

All structures are exposed to a range of hazards which may threaten their structural adequacy.

Our technical inspections will identify these hazards and make recommendations for preventable or remedial works to ensure the safety of your assets

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balcony replacement

Balcony Assessments

Do you own, or manage a property with balconies? 

Do you have concerns that they may be structurally unsound?

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oil spill

Oil Spill – Specialist Structural Engineering Support

We have inspected and reported on over 50+ properties where oil leaks have caused problems for property owners.

Working with Environmental consultants, our Chartered Structural Engineers make sure that

  • no further damage will occur from underpinning activities and
  • the building is structurally safe whilst the works are carried out.

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screw piles ABC anchors

Screw Pile Design

Are you looking for a cheap and efficient method to install foundations near trees, on a sloping site, where you have deep foundations, or where you have difficult access onto site?

Screw Piles provide a fast, efficient, cost effective solution to this

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expert witness structural engineer

Expert Witness: Structural Engineer

As an Expert Witness we can provide you with impartial opinion on technical disputes arising from defective structural design or construction

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Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) Inspections

Are you concerned that you may have RAAC concrete in your building? Our Chartered Structural Engineers can help you identify, assess and provide solutions to this.

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