Ammunition Store (ESTC No.6 & JSP 482) Appraisal

ESTC No 6 ammunition store
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Ammunition Store (ESTC No.6  & JSP 482) Appraisal

As Chartered Structural Engineers we have the relevant expertise and experience to undertake Ammunition Store appraisals on your sites in accordance with ESTC Standard No 6.

We are able to;

• identify and record the present structural condition of your asset.

• record any significant defects or deterioration in the structure, which may have a potential adverse impact on the immediate (next 2 years i.e. until next technical inspection) performance of your structure

• identify any remedial works that may be considered necessary or desirable with respect to the reinstatement of any defective elements to an acceptable condition or strengthening/replacement of existing elements.

• identify any further investigation or inspection works that may be required in order to accurately comment on your assets structural condition.

Explosives Storage and Transport Committee (ESTC) Standard No. 6

Click here to refer to the MoD documents relating to the requirements for the commissioning, inspection, testing and maintenance of works for explosives facilities in the Ministry of Defence.

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Read about how our specialist Chartered Structural Engineers help the MoD and RE comply with the ESTC Standard No. 6 for Inspecting Ammunition Stores across the UK

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