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Thinking of adding an Extension to your home, but not sure where to start?

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Looking to kick start your extension project? One of our most popular services is our Feasibility Meeting“ (click here to find out more).

Our designers will visit your home and talk through your ideas with you. They will discuss possible ways for you to create your vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Feasibility Meeting?

Our designers will visit your home and discuss what you want to achieve with your space and possible ways for you to create your vision. As we build some of our projects for Customers, we also understand the practical aspects.

With our 20 + years of experience of construction design, you can be reassured that you will receive expert, unbiased advice.

Whether you want to knock down a wall, or completely re-design your home, we will suggest ideas to help you create the perfect space for you and your family.

Our experts will discuss any Planning matters that we think may impact your design and which ideas are more likely to achieve Planning Approval.

We will provide you with an understanding of how the process works, what to expect and how long it will take.

We will also touch on other issues that you may not have thought about, that may impact your budget and what you are able to achieve.

We are here to answer any questions that you may have.

Why do You Charge for A Feasibility Meeting?

Because we believe that the advice that we give you is valuable and could save you abortive fees in the long run.

We want your project to be successful. Talking through all the options at this early stage will help you understand what you can achieve within your budget.

Why Do I Need A Feasibility Meeting If I Know What I Want to Do?

A second opinion from a designer who spends their working life looking at similar projects can be really useful to verify your solution. 

But the meeting goes further than that.  We will also explain how the process works, what to expect, and how long it will take.

What Happens After The Feasibility Meeting?

We will write to you to confirm what we have discussed, confirming your brief, the solution, budget costs and timescales.

We also provide you with a “fee proposal” which will confirm how much we will charge for taking your ideas forward to obtain Planning Approval and Building Regulations approval.

How Much Will A Feasibility Meeting Cost Me?

We charge a small fee for our qualified designers to provide this initial advice. 

Maybe a better question is; how much would it cost me if I don’t do this? 

By the time you realise the project won’t meet your needs or is not possible financially, or the timescales don’t meet your needs, you will probably have spent substantial sums on survey and design fees!

Better to pay for a bit of advice early on which will either show that your project isn’t feasible, or sets up the parameters for success, rather than risk wasting substantial sums of money.

Can You Tell Me How Much My Project Is Going To Cost Me?

At this early stage it’s going to be difficult to give you an accurate price – there are too many variables.

We will discuss your budget and what you want to achieve in your home. We will be honest with you and talk in “ball park” figures.

Only when you have the detailed drawings, so we know exactly what the scope of your project is, can we give you a more accurate price.

Sounds Great. How Do I Proceed?

Simply click here to book your feasibility meeting. 

We look forward to finding out about your project and answering any questions that you have.

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Why Work With Us?

Commercial Design Solutions For Homeowners

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Using Building Information Modelling (BIM) we “build” your design in a virtual world before any building work commences on your home.

Designing in this way means that you;

  • You can see clearly what your design will look like once it is completed
  • Can be sure the design is right, less chance of costly surprises as the build progresses
  • Makes it easier for you to see the cost impact of design changes.

Don’t just take our word for it, click here to read what our Customers have to say about us!

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Really Engaged With Us To Understand Our Needs

“It was really useful to have a home visit as a feasibility study to make sure what we were thinking about was practical.

It was also really good to have another meeting after the initial designs were produced to refine our requirements – really engaged with us to understand our needs. 

Also the planning appeal was handled efficiently and we had great confidence in the process”

Mr and Mrs Portsmouth, Finchampstead

Helpful And Knowledgeable

“Michael Aubrey Partnership were recommended to me to help with my drawings and application to the council. 

A feature of the service I found useful was the 3D image of the project and being able to ‘walk around’ the new extension was useful both in seeing the project and making changes. 

Also, coming into the office to talk through with Jamie and Andy on the screen, the changes I wanted to make, helped me see things clearer. 

Michael Aubrey Partnership stood out from their competitors due to their communication and time taken to discuss our project, within our timescale. 

I found everyone very helpful, knowledgeable and able to stick to a timescale, if there were any problems with meeting a deadline then this was explained in advance. 

I found everyone professional and good at what they did.  I would recommend to friends and use again if need be”.

Diane Hall, Hartley Wintney