Quality of Service is Excellent!

We had a project recently where we had a couple of questions and your engineer came back to us straight away and was happy to accommodate our changes.

The quality of information that you produced, and the level of detail is far superior to a lot of other structural engineers.

When I send things over to your team, you’ll have one hit at it, and I’ll get it back and it will be 99% as I anticipate.

You can spend a lot of time toing and froing with other engineers who just don’t give smaller projects as much consideration.

Working with you guys is saving me time because you are really good at what you do.

Information that you produce is very clear, some people send out sheets and sheets of generic information and specification which aren’t applicable to certain projects. Everything you send out is relevant and very clear.

Your team are really responsive your fees are good value and the quality of service is excellent!

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