Secure Reception Area

Head teacher at Nine Mile Ride School, Mrs Ali Brown wanted to enhance the security of the school by building a new reception area.  The extension would provide further security for children and staff and also provide a larger working area for the staff.

The reception area was too small to cope with the daily routines of the school. The area could become very congested with visitors, parents, teaching staff and children gaining entry through one door.  Mrs Brown had already taken steps to make the school more secure by adding a security system on the main doors but her next challenge was to build a secure waiting area for visitors and to extend the size of the reception area. She was concerned that the project may never happen because previous advice given to the school had suggested that an oak tree was growing too close to the main school building for any building work to take place.

Michael Aubrey Partnership was approached to help with the Design & Build.

By talking to Mrs Brown and the Governors at Nine Mile Ride School, John Staves listened to what they wanted and came back with a proposed design. John suggested using piled foundations which would allow for Mrs Brown’s original idea of extending the reception area next to the oak tree.

school extension

Michael Aubrey Partnership were able to help Mrs Brown by;-

  • Providing her with regular feedback on the progress of the job
  • Attending Governors meetings to explain the proposed plans
  • Producing posters for parents to keep them up to date with what was happening in the school
  • Taking the risk submitting for Planning approval – If no Planning approval was given, then Michael Aubrey Partnership wouldn’t charge their fee. Planning Approval was obtained within 8 weeks

Mrs Brown’s vision of a new reception area at Nine Mile Ride School is now completed. Creating the space that teachers, parents and children desperately need. 

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