Chimney Removal

Are you looking to demolish your fireplace, chimney breast or the whole chimney stack? Whatever your decision you will require specialist structural advice before you start any building work.

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What Approvals Are Required When Removing a Chimney?

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Building Regulations Approval

If you are in a conservation area, or if your building is listed, you will require consent to make any structural alterations or to remove the whole chimney.For partially chimney removal (to first floor level or roof level) you will also need to apply for building regulations approval, as it is classed as a “structural alteration”.If you are removing the whole chimney, you should not require approval. Still, we always recommend that you consult with your local Building Control department – it’s also worth checking with the Planning department, but often it is not required as it falls within permitted development.

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The Party Wall Act

Removing your chimney next to the party wall may fall within the scope of the Party Wall Act – we can advise you if this applies. Click here to read more about the party wall act.

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Gas Safety Certificate

If you are relocating any gas appliances, you will need to obtain a registered gas safety expert certificate.Click here to read more about the gas safety register.

6 Questions That You Need To Ask Yourself Before Removing Your Chimney:-

1. Why do you want to remove it? 

Do you think it’s structurally unsafe? do you need more space inside or do you just want to remove it? Sometimes, if it looks in a bad way, it may be possible to repair rather than demolish the chimney – repair is often a cheaper option.

2. How much of the chimney do you want to remove? 

All of it, or do you want it capped at first floor level?  If you are thinking of capping it, if you cap it at first floor level this has the advantage of leaving the external appearance of your property unaltered but you will require structural support for the remaining stack.

3. Will the character of your house be changed dramatically?

Is your chimney stack very obvious from the front of your house? If you remove the whole chimney what will the impact be?

4. Is the stack part of a pair of chimneys? 

Would the removal of one stack unbalance the symmetry of your house?

5. Is your home an historic home?

The chimney may be a large part of your home’s design. Would removing it take away from its architectural and historical importance?

6. Consents: Conservation area & listed building

Generally, if you live in a conservation area you will need conservation area consent from the local authority. If you live in a listed building, you will require listed building consent.

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