Building Regulations Deal With How Your Building Is Constructed.

You need to demonstrate that the building will be structurally sound and it complies with all current legislation.The Building Regulations set out minimum requirements for structural integrity, fire safety, energy efficiency, damp proofing, ventilation and other key aspects that ensure a building is safe.

How Can We Help You

We produce a full set of construction drawings showing all the necessary information to demonstrate that your project will comply with the Building Regulations and allied legislation.The same drawings are submitted to the local authority for their approval.

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A Complete Package – What’s Included?

Our all-inclusive Building Regulations Package includes

Scaled location and block plans

Existing floor plans, elevations, and sections

Proposed floor plans, elevations

Proposed sections showing construction details

Foundation detailing

Damp proofing detailing

Thermal detailing

Roof structure

Fire proofing details

Drainage layouts

Structural detailing and calculations

We deal with any queries from the local authority – saving you time and hassle.

Much will it Cost?

It depends on the size of your project and each Local Authority sets their own fees.For example, if you were submitting a Building Regulations application for an extension 40m2 – 100m2 then the “full plans” cost would be approx. £250 (including VAT) followed by an inspection fee (due once the work commences on site) of £560 (inclusive of VAT).

How Do You Apply?

There are two methods of applying for Building Regulations approval; either a Full Plans application, or a Building Notice application.

What is A “Full Plans” Application?

It is a two-step process; approval of detailed drawings (Plans approval) and approval of on-site inspections (Inspections approval)

What Do You Need To Submit To Building Control?

Typically, you will need to submit detailed plans and elevation drawings and a detailed specification as to how the building will be constructed.If you are carrying out structural work, you will need to appoint a Structural Engineer who will produce the necessary details for the builder to build to and the Structural Calculations to prove that the building will be structurally sound.

How Long Before I Get A Decision From Building Control?

The application is submitted for checking and a formal decision notice is given (normally within 8 weeks).Advantages of using this method are;

  • the plans can be examined and approved before work starts and
  • the builder can work to the approved drawings in the knowledge that the detail complies with the regulations.

Approved plans may be used for up to three years after being been approved, even if the regulations change.

building regulations

What is a Building Notice?

A Building Notice Application is a less detailed application where minimal information is initially required and no formal decision is given.You are relying on the builder to build without “approved plans”, generally Building Control do not like this type of application, as you are relying heavily on the competency of the builder on site.If Building Control do not accept something the builder has done, you will be responsible for remedying it (making good). This often leads to an argument between the home owner and builder because neither party wants the additional costs.Also, this form of application typically costs you more than a full plans submission as you have to pay all the costs upfront, rather than in two stages when you submit a  Full Plans application.If you have carried out building works to your property without obtaining Building Regulations approval you will need to apply for a Regularisation Certificate.

What Is A Regularisation Application?

“A regularisation application is a retrospective application relating to previously unauthorised works i.e. works carried out without Building Regulations consent, started on or after the 11 November 1985. The purpose of the process is to regularise the unauthorised works and obtain a certificate of regularisation”As you have carried out work without prior approval the Local Authority may request that you “open up” the works so that they can ascertain if the building works comply with current standards.As this is classed as an “enforcement application” it does not attract VAT, but the cost is greater than the other forms of application.For more information, please click here

Pre-Application Inspections

Some Local Authorities offer a “pre-application” inspection service. This is where they will come out to site to look at your building to check it complies before you make a formal application.Examples of this might be where you are proposing a two-storey extension, but need advice on whether or not the existing foundations can take the extra load.They would ask you to dig a “trial” pit next to the existing foundations, then Building Control would come out to inspect it. Often they would seek confirmation from your design Structural Engineer as well – we can help you with this is required.They charge a fee for this service, so best to check with your Local Authority.

Already Completed The Work Without Building Regulations Consent?

You will need to submit a “regularisation” application – retrospective approval for work already carried out.Only work carried out after 11 November 1985 can be approved in this way.

Things To Be Aware of

The charges for Regularisation Certificates are considerably higher than those for applications are made at the right time and you will almost certainly have to “open up” works which is expensive, causes damage to decoration, and at the very least, is highly inconvenient.This is really a last choice and one to be avoided if possible.
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Building Regulations – What’s The Process?

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Honesty and Commitment to Timescales

“We chose Michael Aubrey Partnership as they were local.  We were provided with structural drawings with some design ideas for our extension. Documents were submitted to the Building Regulations and Planning Offices on our behalf.  We really liked the honesty and commitment to the timescales and the customer service from the start was fantastic compared to other firms.  The design discussions for our extension were free flowing and we felt very much the priority.  Leigh-Ann, Oliver and Andy were great to work with, with great communication to us, the client.  We found the whole process very seamless and the drawings were of great quality and the additional discussions over the design element of the extension was very insightful and gave us different perspectives on the design ideas.  We felt that for this project, Michael Aubrey Partnership were very good in every aspect and we would recommend their services.”Nicola Everett, Arborfield

Prompt Responses

“Michael Aubrey Partnership designed our extension, dealt with the planning application and Building Regulations. Michael Aubrey Partnership have done everything we asked and have always responded promptly to emails and phone calls. We couldn’t have done it without their help”.Alison Crimp, Sonning

Helpful And Patient

“I found Michael Aubrey Partnership through a web search and was impressed by the work on the website.  Michael Aubrey helped with my structural plans and building regulations and were able to explain the process in simple terms. Ollie was brilliant – very thorough and was very helpful and patient to go through the plans once received.”Julian Datta, Wokingham

Pragmatic Approach

“We chose Michael Aubrey Partnership following a meeting with John at the Grand Designs Live exhibition in Birmingham. We needed a firm to simplify our design and make it possible to build whilst completing the building regulation application. Michael Aubrey Partnership took a pragmatic approach and on a number of occasions Michael Aubrey Partnership offered simplified solutions. We were trying to reduce or remove unnecessary costs and Michael Aubrey Partnership offered a service to include planning, building regulations, party wall agreement and structural engineering calculations. We would recommend Michael Aubrey Partnership to colleagues and friends.”Nick and Marianne Hills, Worcestershire

Regularisation Certificate:

Your Excellent Report Saved the Day!

“Warren Woodhams of WBC BCS has just inspected the trial pit and lintel and everything is to his satisfaction. He said we should receive a Regularisation Certificate in 5 to 7 days.Thanks again for your help – I think your excellent report saved the day!”Malcolm, Finchampstead