Feasibility Meeting

Thinking of adding an Extension to your home, but not sure where to start?

Our Designers will visit your home and talk through your ideas with you. They will discuss possible ways for you to create your vision.

One of the best ways to kick start your extension project is to take advantage of our popular “Feasibility Meeting”.

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What Is A Feasibility Meeting?

Our designers will visit your home and discuss what you want to achieve with your space and possible ways for you to create your vision. As we build some of our projects for Customers, we also understand the practical aspects.

With our 25 + years of experience in construction design, you can be reassured that you will receive expert, unbiased advice.

Whether you want to knock down a wall, or completely re-design your home, we will highlight any issues at this early stage that might impact on the feasibility of your project – We want to help you create the perfect space for you and your family.

Our experts will discuss any Planning matters that we think may impact your design and which ideas are more likely to achieve Planning Approval. We explain the various Statutory approvals – which ones apply to your project.

We will provide you with an understanding of how the process works, what to expect and how long it will take.

We will also touch on other issues that you may not have thought about, which may impact your budget and what you are able to achieve.

We are here to answer any questions that you may have.

planning guarantee

Our “Planning Guarantee”

We have been applying for Planning permission for our Clients for over 24yrs +

We are confident that if you follow our advice we will be successful in obtaining you Planning Permission for your project

If not, we will refund not only your Planning Fees, but also ALL of our Design fees!*

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s great news that you know what you want.

We are confident that you will benefit enormously by knowing that your goals are achievable, both in terms of planning and cost.

We will be truthful and highlight potential pitfalls that you may not be aware of, that may also impact on your budget.

You are probably only going to do this once in your lifetime – we want you to get what you want!

But the meeting goes further than that.  We will also explain how the process works, what to expect, how long it will take and answer any questions that you have.

If you still want to go ahead without a feasibility, that’s ok, but we will still need to come out to your home to carry out an initial survey, so that we can see what you are looking to do so we can give you an accurate price.

We will write to you to confirm what we have discussed, confirming your brief, the solution, budget costs, and timescales.

We also provide you with a “fee proposal” which will confirm how much we will charge for taking your ideas forward to obtain Planning Approval and Building Regulations approval as necessary.

At this early stage it’s going to be difficult to give you an accurate price – there are too many variables.

We will discuss your budget and what you want to achieve in your home. We will be honest with you and talk in “ballpark” figures.

Only when you have the detailed drawings, so we know exactly what the scope of your project is, can we give you a more accurate price.

We have no idea. They clearly do not value the advice that they are giving.

By having Architectural Designers AND Structural Engineers looking at your project together from Day 1 you can be confident you will receive advice which both meets your brief and is practical to achieve.

We charge fees because we believe that the advice that we give you is valuable and will save you greater costs in the long run, either abortive fees pursuing something way beyond your budget or impractical to build, or both.

We want your project to be successful.

Talking through your ideas at this early stage will help you understand what you can achieve within your budget.

Even in the initial stages of your design we are already thinking about;

  • how your home is going to work structurally (i.e identifying where the load-bearing walls are). This will impact your design and ultimately how much it will cost you
  • Are there likely to be any Planning issues that might prevent you from obtaining planning permission?  (if applicable)
  • Drainage – Is there a public sewer nearby? You may need a Building Over Agreement and your foundations may need to be piled (potentially extra cost)
  • The Party Wall Act – Does this apply?

As well as other issues that are critical to the feasibility of your project.

We will open your eyes before you jump in and commit your time and money to your project. Giving you an understanding of what you are going to be doing before you commit to it emotionally and financially.

We are helping you make your decisions objectively.

Our designs are well thought out – architectural designers and structural engineers working together in-house.

Because we think that it is so important to set up your project correctly from the outset, we do charge a small fee, but this is refunded IN FULL if you instruct us to take your project through to technical design (T&C’s apply*)

Once we have received the deposit payment, we will be in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time for the meeting and get your project moving!

We only have a limited number of feasibility appointments every month – be quick and book your appointment today! Click here.


Speak to Leigh-Ann

Please give our office a call on 0118 962 9666

and ask for Leigh-Ann.

Fountain of all knowledge – she’ll be able to answer any questions that you have.

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We look forward to finding out about your project.

*Planning Guarantee – Terms & Conditions. We reserve the right to withdraw our Planning Guarantee if you amend the design beyond what we believe is reasonable (i.e to what we advise won’t achieve Planning permission). Sometimes, your Planning application won’t be approved first time. We reserve the right to either submit an amended application or take your application to appeal. You will not be charged any extra for this. If your appeal is lost, we will refund all your Planning Fees AND our Design Fees in full. All communication with the Planners must come through Michael Aubrey, acting as your agent.

Feasibility Fees – Terms & Conditions.  We do ask for a payment to secure the site visit. However, this is reimbursed IN FULL if we are instructed to take your project through to the Creative Design and Technical Design Stages.

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