Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)   

“…. the Government’s expectation is that sustainable drainage systems will be provided in new developments wherever this is appropriate.”

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

Are designed to control surface water run off close to where it falls and mimic natural drainage as closely as possible.

Sustainable drainage systems also provide opportunities to;

  • reduce the causes and impacts of flooding
  • remove pollutants from urban run-off at source
  • combine water management with green space with benefits for amenity, recreation and wildlife                                                                  
SuDS flood

Minor Applications

If your proposed development meets any of the following criteria;

  • inclusion of a proposed adoptable highway
  • creating impermeable area over more than 50% of the site
  • development in Flood Zones 2 or 3

a drainage Statement may be required, setting out how your development is to be drained                     

Full Planning Application (including outline planning)

If your development falls within the Planning definition of ‘major’ it would be accompanied by a drainage strategy including a flood risk Assessment (FRA)

For Major Planning applications, in addition to any requirement for a (FRA), we would also submit the following information;

  • details of compliance with the Defra non-statutory technical standards
  • off-site works 
  • consents required
  • flow paths through the development
  • surface water storage volumes and locations
  • sub-catchment areas
  • treatment train components
  • proposed landscaping and/or vegetative systems
  • design calculations for:

        greenfield run-off

        brownfield run-off if appropriate (including reductions)

        peak flow rates

        surface water volumes

        storage requirements

        drain down times

·         multi-use areas

·         exceedance routes

·         temporary drainage during construction

·         climate change allowances

·         future development allowances

·         details of how the sustainable drainage system is to be maintained, and by whom, for the lifetime of the development             

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