structural defect

Whatever the reason you require a structural investigation of your property, be rest assured that we will use all available technologies, from visual observation to sophisticated non-destructive techniques.

The end result is a comprehensive study of the particular building or element under study.

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We can help you with the following structural defects;

  • Cracks in internal walls
  • Cracks in external walls
  • Recent or ongoing Settlement or movement
  • Bowing
  • Floors lifting and settling
  • Roof structure sagging
  • Walls out of plumb
  • Chimney defects
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Fast Response

“I chose Michael Aubrey Partnership due to their good reviews and a good response from Leigh-Ann, who was able to quickly provide answers to my questions.

I received a fast response to my enquiries, with comprehensive coverage.  Michael Aubrey helped me with a subsidence survey and a penetration survey.

found it very useful to be able to make my payment online, rather than by cheque, which would have been inconvenient.  I received an excellent service and would recommend Michael Aubrey Partnership.”

Ranjit Chagar, Sandhurst

Clear Explanation

“I used Michael Aubrey Partnership on the recommendation of my neighbour.

I required a report on subsidence and they provided a clear explanation of the likely outcome.

I would recommend Michael Aubrey to colleagues and friends.”

John Christopher Nunn, Earley

Local And Professional

“We chose Michael Aubrey Partnership as they were local.

They were able to advise on structural damage and were very professional.

I would recommend Michael Aubrey to colleagues and friends”

Linda Bold, Reading

Refreshingly Honest And Fair

“I chose Michael Aubrey Partnership as they are a local company with local knowledge of the land.

I needed reassurance for a mortgage, insurance and personal peace of mind that the property I intended to purchase was not under further threat of subsidence, particularly as there is a row of trees bordering the property.

I was very grateful to John who, on visiting the site realised the job was not as involved as expected and adjusted the price accordingly.

I felt this was refreshingly honest and fair and would prompt me to use / recommend Michael Aubrey in the future. I found the service was prompt, reassuring, everyone was polite and pleasant and I would recommend them to colleagues and friends.”

Tomas Bamford, Warfield

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