Imagine how exciting this could be for you to be able to “walk through” your project before it’s actually built!Yes, VR, or “Virtual Reality” as it’s known has arrived.It may not be new technology, but for the construction industry it’s massive.

BIM Virtual reality

Created in Revit from the “BIM” Model (Building Information Modelling)

This Is Great Fun, But How Can This Help My Project?

Not all, but some of our customers find it very hard to visualise what their project is going to look like once it’s built.Virtual Reality allows you to see your building from any angle.You can explore all the interior spaces, open and closing doors, switching the lights on and off and have an idea where and how to arrange your internal space.

Save You Money

Virtual Reality can save you money and time during the build phase.


Because you can see where your new walls are going, sizes of your rooms, the windows and the impact this will have on your space.You can make design changes before your builder starts on site, saving you time and money by making changes late on in the build processWould you like to talk to someone about your project?

So What is Virtual Reality?

Without getting too technical it is where we;“use computer technology to create a simulated, three-dimensional world that a user can manipulate and explore while feeling as if he/she were in that world”.Using gaming technology, it is creating a rich three-dimensional world, erasing the boundaries between reality and fantasy (think Pokimon Go!)

So How Can Virtual Reality Help Me With My Construction Project?

Not only will you will be able to step inside your new project before it is built, but you will be able to move around and look at your proposed plans in a “live” 3D environment.
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Helpful And Knowledgeable

“Michael Aubrey Partnership were recommended to me to help with my drawings and application to the council. A feature of the service I found useful was the 3D image of the project and being able to ‘walk around’ the new extension was useful both in seeing the project and making changes. Also, coming into the office to talk through with Jamie and Andy on the screen, the changes I wanted to make, helped me see things clearer.  Michael Aubrey Partnership stood out from their competitors due to their communication and time taken to discuss our project, within our timescale. I found everyone very helpful, knowledgeable and able to stick to a timescale, if there were any problems with meeting a deadline then this was explained in advance. I found everyone professional and good at what they did.  I would recommend to friends and use again if need be”.Diane Hall, Hartley Wintney