Firstly don’t panic ! Most cracks in your walls are normal. They are caused when your building “dries out” .. this can be up to 2 – 5 years after your building has been completed. But occasionally you might run across an abnormal crack.

We prefer to give you fair advice …. even if it means you don’t instruct us …

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Cracks in Walls – Your Buildings Insurer

Before we take this further, have you made contact with your buildings insurer?  Buildings insurers will often carry out a basic assessment free, only charging the excess if the defect is agreed to be structural and covered by the policy.

Sometimes customers wish to ascertain the problem for themselves, before contacting the insurer, in which case we can help.  This is because of concerns about false alarms being logged against the property and maybe influencing future premiums.

Sometimes customers are asked by their insurer to find a local engineer to undertake an initial assessment, in which case we can help.  We have done this before, leading to successful claims.

How We Help You – Need A Second Opinion ?

Sometimes customers want a second opinion because they are not happy with the assessment made by their insurer.  We have worked in this way before, overturning the initial decision of the insurer and assisting with pursuit of successful claims, including recovery of the fees you pay to us.

Whichever way you wish to proceed, hopefully we can help you.

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A Very High Standard

“I would like to say how pleased and impressed I have been, with Leigh-Ann, for the promptness and courtesy of her communications.

I am also very pleased and impressed with Oliver, for his professionalism, diligence, meticulous attention to detail and care.  Not to mention his courtesy, friendly manner and willingness to discuss the problems I have with my wall. 

You were very thorough with the whole survey, particularly with regard to finding cracks (through a barrier of dense growth) that I had not seen. These were also the worst cracks. 

You produced a very good survey report – my expectations were well exceeded!

I would not hesitate to recommend Michael Aubrey Partnership to friends and family”

Phillip Byrne, Lower Earley

On Time And Very Professional!

“We found MAPL on line and were impressed by their clear website and pragmatic guidance.

From the outset, communications were excellent and the process of getting a structural engineer to assess our requirements was simple to understand, especially as we have no engineering knowledge and are novices in such matters.

The structural engineer’s visit was equally impressive; on time, very professional and again everything was explained clearly in layman’s language.

The final drawings arrived exactly on schedule along with details of recommended contractors. We will no doubt need further advice and guidance which has already been offered. On our dealings thus far I would highly recommend MAPL.”

David Braithwaite, Wokingham


Defect Reporting-How Can We Help You?

  • Visit your home and measure your cracks, test for damp, inspect roof spaces and chimney breasts and inspect both the inside and the outside of the property
  • Consider whether the age of your property, drainage, nearby trees or adjacent building works may play a role in the cracking
  • Identify the suspected cause of your cracks and we will explain whether your cracks are something to be concerned about or not

If required we can also;

  • Recommend remedial works
  • Act as “Contract Administrator” and put together a Schedule of Works for the repairs; obtain competitive tenders from trusted building contractors, and monitor the works as they progress to ensure the repairs are satisfactory
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A Good Reputation

“My property was suffering from internal cracking and movement to the rear wall and floor. Andrew Wiggett came to site and he cleared up the question about the foundations on the property and what could be done to fix the problem.

I chose Michael Aubrey Partnership as they are a local structural engineer company with a good reputation .

The report was issued very quickly and everything was explained very clearly”.

Robert Boon, Sandhurst