Basement or cellar conversions can be a really cost effective way of expanding the existing living space in your current home.

Because basements are located near to the main living areas of your home, they are an ideal location for additional family space, playrooms, entertainment rooms or even mini gyms!

Alternatively, a basement can have its own external entrance and provide a self-contained unit, ideal for use as a home office or annexe.


Would I Get Planning Approval?

The great advantage of basement conversions is that it is very difficult for a local authority to find reasonable grounds for planning refusal – especially if the basement does not significantly alter the building’s appearance.

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One of our customers wanted to build a 5 bedroom house, but this was refused under planning rules, so they obtained approval for a four bedroom house and then applied for planning to add a basement – this was approved, giving them more space than the original proposed 5 bedroom house !

Is My Home Suitable For A Basement?

Most modern houses haven’t got a basement – so I guess you are asking yourself – could I create a basement under my existing home?

How Can We Help You?

We can come to your home and give you unbiased advice.  We can give you advice on different design options and whether or not we think you will require planning permission. 

Creating a new basement would involve significant structural design. Because we are structural engineers, we can see straight away what will and won’t work on site.

We use the latest 3D modelling technology so that we “build” your design in a virtual world before it reaches site. This will highlight any design issues before you start building on site, reducing the chances of any unforeseen costs later in your project.

Why Choose Us To Help You?

Basement conversions and new basements have a very high structural content – good design will save you money in the long run.

We have been working with all the Local Authorities in the area for many years and have a good idea of what they require to be submitted, increasing your chances of approval the first time.

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