Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)

National planning policies require a flood risk assessment or FRA (a flood consequence assessment in Wales) with planning applications for any site

  • over one hectare within Flood Zone 1 or
  • any development planned for a Zone 2 or Zone 3 flood risk area

We provide a full range of services to test, collate and submit FRAs for any size of development, including those in Critical Drainage Areas (CDAs).Planning ApplicationsWe provide site specific professional Flood Risk Assessments to accompany planning applications for single domestic residential projects and larger commercial developments.Existing SitesWe also provide flood risk assessments in relation to existing sites which have flooded, or where a client wishes to understand the risks.Michael Aubrey Partnership have the experience and skills necessary to provide natural flood risk management.

flood risk assessment

Our Services

We produce solutions for you which maximise performance and minimise cost in the following areas;

  • Flood Risk Assessment (FRA)
  • Structural assessment of existing flood assets
  • Design of interim and long-term measures including attenuation, embankments, walls, pumping station
  • Advice on this like blue roofs Water conservation management plans using rain water harvesting and grey water
  • On site wastewater treatment
  • Specification Pumping station design
  • Design of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) in accordance with The SuDS Manual and BRE DG365.
  • Design of foul drainage and treatment systems to adoptable standards
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flood risk Assessment

Flood risk assessment advice is typically split into stages.The First StageA review of available evidence and possibly a site visit to discuss your projectSome basic spot levels may be taken to understand the site topography.If the conclusion of this initial stage is that the site is at risk (usually zone 2 or 3) then more detailed professional flood risk advice is usually required (usually a detailed topographical survey).At this stage the Environment Agency (EA) should be consulted further.Identifies RisksWhether for a residential or commercial site, a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) identifiesthese risks and mitigation measures for you.Commercial ProjectsFlood Risk Assessments are a mandatory requirement for any new commercial development which aims for BREEAM ratings.

Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS)

We recognise that the Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS) approach to drainage

  • reduces flood risk
  • minimises diffuse pollution
  • maintains or restores natural flow regimes and
  • improves water resources

Working with our Chartered Structural Engineers, In house expertise on Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS). Our expertise includes design of;

  • permeable paving
  • swales
  • lagoons
  • attenuation ponds
  • construction wetlands
  • infiltration drains and
  • blue roof

Research suggests that a natural catchment approach to flood management is environmentally, socially and economically beneficial. Click here to read more.
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