Once your design has been “frozen” any “major” amendments to your design may be charged.

Changes to your design broadly fit into two categories, “Major” and “Minor” amendments.

Examples of major” amendments would be;

  • Increasing (or reducing) the size of your extension
    Making changes that would impact on the structural integrity of the building
  • Making changes that would compromise compliance with Building Regulations and require design amendments as a result
  • Making changes that would impact of the likelihood of obtaining planning permission
  • Moving the location of the kitchen/bathroom (s)
  • Significantly changing the internal layout of the kitchen/bathroom(s)
  • Multiple minor changes

Examples of “minor” amendments would be;

  • Non-structural alterations eg. moving internal non-loadbearing walls
  • Doors changing from bi-fold to patio but in similar opening
    Reduction / removal of openings

Where changes are “minor” we would not charge for these.