Do I Need A Party Wall Surveyor?

Put simply, if you are carrying out building work to your party wall or boundary you have a legal duty to serve the appropriate notices and repair any damages. In other words to act as a “good neighbour”.

This is a legal duty for a Building Owner. Failure to do so could result in an injunction being sought to stop the works.   

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Party Walls – How Can We Help You?

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When Does The Part Wall Act Apply?

If you carry out work to;

Building a new party wall on the boundary, or a wall adjacent to the boundary, on the Owner’s side.

Carrying out works to an existing party fence wall or party structure, including rebuilding a wall to a reduced height.

Building within three or six metres of the Adjoining Owner’s walls or buildings if the works involve excavation works.

Building or placing special foundations on the Adjoining Owner’s land.

Notice Requirements Under The Party Wall Act 1996

A building owner must give notice to all adjoining owners of any planned works.

The notice requirements will depend on the type of works that are to be undertaken.

There are 3 types of notices;

·         Line of Junction

·         Party Structure

·         Notice of Adjacent Excavation

In many situations, more than one type of notice is required and it is essential that you ensure all notices required under the Act are served.

When Should A Party Wall Notice Be Served?

Party Wall Notices should be served at the earliest opportunity in order to ensure that there is sufficient time for the notice to run and for negotiations, if a dispute arises, to be undertaken. However notices are only valid for 12 months so caution should be given so as not to serve the notice too early either as they may then expire before works commence. This is not usually an issue with smaller domestic scenarios but should be factored into larger, longer term projects.

Party Structure Notices are required to be served at least two calendar months prior to the commencement of works

Line of Junction and Notice of Adjacent Excavation at least one calendar month prior to the commencement of works.

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